Commission Price List

Commissions are: Closed


Usually head and shoulders only.

Depending on the character and pose I choose, it can end below pecs/breasts and sometimes include forearms.

See end for background options.

Cel Shaded: €90 

Full Render: €110

Thigh Up

Character is shown from thighs up. Pose can vary widely. 

Cel Shade: €150

Full Render: €200

Full Body

Character is fully shown. From head to toe.

(Price does not include background)

Cel Shade: €200

Full Render: €250


Examples are below. For a clear explanation on BG's see BG section in my Terms of Service.

Low on recent examples for Full Rendered BGs, but this section will get updated as I do them.

Abstract to Simple: €0 - €30

First image is considered abstract and is no extra charge. The other images range from €20 extra to €30.

Blurred but Detailed +$60-80

These BGs are slightly blurred, and often incorporate items in the foreground. Price can vary depending on what you want + the amount of props.

Fully rendered: +€150



Prices are approximate and may vary depending on what you want.

Please see terms of service before ordering.