These Terms of Service are relevant to NONCOMMERCIAL projects only and are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without notice.

Please make sure you read and understand all of this section.

  • Payment is always made with paypal - Payment is always to be given up front and before I start work. Unless otherwise agreed on, if the price of the piece is large I will agree to split up payments. But you do not receive any high res images until the full amount is paid.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission without question.

  • I reserve the right to adjust my prices accordingly.

  • I reserve the right to include any commission done in my portfolio.

  • I reserve full rights to the image and it’s distribution or use unless otherwise agreed on.

  • Commissions are non-refundable (You're paying for my time and skill, which cannot be taken back. )

  • I reserve the right to decline use of my characters in any way.

  • I do not print and ship digital commissions. Unless extra is paid, and it is agreed on before commission has started.

  • I do not use waiting lists.

  • I will not give you the .psd file.

  • I will only give you a high-res file if you're the client.

  • I reserve the right to edit my Will/Wont draw lists as I see fit.



Size: Bust | Thigh Up | Full Body

Finish: Cel Shade | Full Rendered

Background: Abstract/None | Simple | Fully Rendered


Abstract/none: Can range from blank, flat colour, to a simple gradient.

Simple: Despite the name, this type of background is a fully shaded scene. However it is blurred slightly to shift the focus onto the character. There is often some element of the background in the foreground to “ground” the character, but it’s not extensive. For example.. one or two boulders the character is holding onto, or some grass is poking in the edges.

Fully Rendered: As the name suggests, full background. It’s fully rendered to the highest of my ability. Lighting, texture etc are all part of it. This type can often be the main reason the piece you order will take longer.



  • I DO offer free revisions when I have missed a detail that was provided in the description. Things like forgetting an accessory or article of clothing, or some other important element that was included in your description. Also, I will change incorrect colours at no charge, such as drawing something red when it was described as blue, etc.

  • I DO NOT offer free revisions for stylistic decisions or other details that you want to add or change in my drawing that were not included in the description. If you want something specific, it must be included in the description. Subtle hue/saturation/value shifts count as stylistic decisions, and require additional compensation if you want to adjust them.

If you do want to make changes to the image, even changes that are stylistic or outside the scope of the original description, then we can talk about it on a case-by-case basis. Just be prepared that I may charge for such changes. 


  • What will I draw:

  • Humans

  • Anthros

  • Animals

  • Light machinery

  • Light Gore

  • Fan art

  • Original Characters

  • Light Bondage (collars, cuffs/leashes)

  • Some vehicles (discuss it with me first)

  • SFW + NSFW


What I will not draw:

  • Inflation/Obesity

  • Non con

  • Micro/Macro

  • Sexual Violence

  • Cub\Scat\Humiliation

  • Suicide\Self Harm

  • Extreme fetishes of any kind

  • Anything demeaning/offensive



  • Wings (large ones that need me to design the picture composition around them.)

  • Extremely detailed characters (Such as complex markings, hairstyles, multiple limbs..etc)

  • Robotic parts

  • Lots of scales|feathers

  • Complex Armour

  • Excessive jewellery

  • Difficult or intricate costumes

  • Use of my personal characters in a suggestive image with your own characters (Reserved for friends, or otherwise.. ask me.)

I will draw NSFW content, I am new to offering it for commissions, so I will not accept all offers. It highly depends on what I’m comfortable with. Please be very clear with what you are looking for in the description.


I try to get most commissions done within a reasonable time-frame, but as a human, life has the capacity to put things in my way. Thus I reserve the right to take extra time -within reason- to complete a commission unless a due-date was provided at the beginning of the contract.



The client must provide a detailed description of the work to be done, outlining all important visual aspects of the desired artwork. The information must be clear and to the point. This includes, but is not limited to: 

• Physical descriptions of characters 

• Clothing and equipment 

• Environment, setting, period, scene, and mood, Character actions and expressions Visual references, such as drawings or photos, are recommended when outlining difficult to describe details. 



The artist is responsible for: 

• Revising any errors made from failing to follow the description outlined in the Scope of Work document. An example of such a failure would be drawing blue eyes when the description clearly stated green eyes. 

• Any unrequested additions that the artist may have made that wasn't necessary, such as adding a scar to the face, when the description does not mention a scar. This is up to the client's discretion, and should be discussed. However, any undefined aspect of the drawing that is necessary, such as a character's body type, is not the artist's responsibility to revise, if the client does not like the outcome. Any undefined, yet necessary aspect of the art falls under the artist's creative freedom. Using the above examples, a scar is not necessary, but a body type is. 

• The artist is NOT responsible for revising anything that is outside of the description in the Scope of Work document. This includes changes that are requested by the client that do not align with what is written in the scope of work document. Even if the client decides they are not satisfied with the outcome of the original description, it is not the artist's responsibility to revise such changes. If the client wishes to have the artist make changes beyond what is outlined in the Scope of Work document, then a revision fee must be discussed and paid before such changes will be made. 


Wing its are a type of commission slot I often open for fun. They are controlled solely by myself.

I take your character and have fun with them. You are prompted to specify maturity rating to guide the pose/feeling of the piece, and perhaps give me an idea of the characters personality.

However the rest of the piece is left up to me, it's a lot like a mystery commission in that you have little control over what you get. I do not supply WIP shots of them, and only simple revisions are allowed, such as things I got wrong like eye colour, or scar in the wrong place.

If you do not like the outcome of the wing it slot, there is very little I can do for you. You have to be alright with trusting me as the artist, and commission me solely for my artistic vision and tastes. Just make sure you are aware of the nature of these slots before commissioning me for one.


Once you have received your finished commission:

You May:

  • Upload the web version of the image to your own free to view accounts, but please link back to me as credit.

  • Use the image as an icon, ID, profile badge, but again, please give me credit.


You may not:

  • Use the image to generate revenue, even for me, without my permission.

  • Put the image into Second Life, Pay sites, or anything of the like.

  • Heavily edit the image. Do not crop out my watermark or signature.

  • Manipulate me into changing the image we agreed on, for example, trying to get me to change parts that would conflict with themes that are on my "Will not draw" list.

  • Guess my paypal address and send money without my permission. It will get sent right back to you, fees deducted are not my problem.


I cannot stop you from doing these things, but it will effect you, and I will think twice about doing work for you again in the future.



1. I only open commission slots periodically. 

2. A form will become available where you can submit for a slot. This does not guarantee you will get the slot however.

3. I will close the submission form after a sufficient amount of time, and go over each submission.

4. I will only choose those which appeal to me at the time based on what I feel like drawing. It is not personal.

5. If you don’t get a confirmation email from me some time after the form has closed, you did not get a slot. But it’s best to keep trying in future openings.

  1. Once you receive a confirmation email from me, I will send you a PayPal invoice once the details have been confirmed.

  2. You will then get put down on my To-Do list.

  3. I do not start your commission until it has been paid in full.

  4. If you request Work in Progress shots (WIPS) I will email you with Sketch, Lines, + Flats only.

  5. I will send you preview sized images until you have 100% approved the artwork. A web sized version, and a high resolution will follow only after I get your confirmation.



If your question isn't here, feel free to ask me via the contact tab.

 What program do you use to make your art?

Photoshop CC , Clip Studio paint, Wacom cintiq 13 HD, Ipad PRO + Apple Pen.

 Do you take trades or requests?

Art trades: I’m kinda picky. And I’ll usually ask you first.

Requests: Never, or only when I announce them for events. But that’s very rare. Please don’t ask me for one.

Can I get a quote for a commission?

Yes, if you want a quote for a future commission do email me with all of the specifics. Please dont leave out any details as its usually vital for me to give an accurate quote.

Are your commissions open?

I have this clearly displayed at the top of this tab. Please don't email just to ask if I'm open.

How much are your commissions?

I usually tailor prices to clients requests, for a general idea, take a look at the prices above.

Can I get a picture done with one of your characters? 

Depends heavily on the commission. Ask me first.

Can I get a work in progress preview of my commission?

Yes! Please tell me in your commission email if you want to see the sketch, line art or flats or anything. While it does hold up the pieces progress a little, I’m fine with showing WIPs. 

Please refer to the above section on revisions for more info.

What reference types are you willing to take for a commission? Written, mixture of pictures, one clear image?

I like to have at least one full body image, front and back if possible. Even if it is not in reference sheet format that's fine. Refs that I dislike the most are screenshots from Second Life, and written descriptions, but that doesn't mean I'll reject you for them.

If there is a pose you want me to use, or an expression. Make sure you include photo references to help get this across. Artists arnt mind readers after all.

Do you work on commissions in order of receipt?

Yes and no. I give a slight bit of priority to people who paid first, but it depends on the kind of piece they ordered. I generally try to work on my whole queue at once, so I get each piece to sketches, lines etc. And they're just done when they're done really. Bigger more complex images always take longer and even if they paid first..I might finish it last depending on it.

Can I get my commission streamed?

It depends. I have a full time day job, and it's often very hard to set aside time to stream in a big time chunk. Ask me anyway if you really want, and maybe we can work something out.


Can we chat? Do you have msn/skype/etc?

I don't. If you want to discuss a commission please email me instead. Also I do not have chats/conversations over notes/emails. They’re reserved for business only and social chatty emails and notes will not get answered.

Can I be your friend?

Friendships are formed unconsciously. Not by asking :[

Want to roleplay with me?


Can I use your characters for roleplay?


Where are you from?

Born and raised in Ireland.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


Are you a furry?

Nope, I don’t consider myself a furry. I draw anthro characters but that’s about it. 

How long have you been drawing?

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a pencil in my hand. But I took my first commission at about 13-14. I've been freelancing full time since 2011.

Can you do some tutorials?

No, sorry. I’ll do small ones for friends but otherwise I don’t like doing them.  Sorry!

What do you enjoy drawing the most?

  • Dragons

  • Sexy ladies (anthro or humans)

  • Sexy in general

  • Teeth and creepy things

  • Blood

  • Steampunk

  • Some technology..like wires and tubes.. I dunno i have a thing for wires and tubes haha.

  • Water

  • Skies

  • Many other things